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Character debugger is a tool I wrote to help me debug and reverse engineer, but I made it publicly available so others can use it to develop. You can also use it as a trainer, you dirty cheater. To bring up the gui, press F7.

Xpmod changes how your mercs level up. Your skills will improve as you use them. When you level up, you only get 2 training points. I recommend that you use them to upgrade your attributes.

Loot drop mod changes what loot can be dropped. All weapons, helmets, eye wear, vests, shirt, shoes, and pants have a drop chance of 100%. The only exception is when the item is too damaged.

Camera mod allows you to change the behavior of the camera. To bring up the gui, press the + key on the numpad.

Durability mod makes it so instead of weapons jamming after 10% of durability loss, they start jamming after 50%. This is user configurable via the xml file.

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