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Expanded Construction offers 14 new outdoor buildings and 11 new interior decorations.

What's in the mod?

V1 reduces the price & weight of Building Materials to 0 while making them stackable up to 100 in your standard inventory. Walls will only cost 1 building material to construct.

V2 balances the price & weight of Building Materials. More materials can be stacked than the default settings. Overall, it's now easier to purchase and transport Building materials compared to the default game settings, but it is still balanced because there is now so much more to build. There's less grinding, but you still have to work for it.

V3 is a complete cheating mod. Everything costs 1 material and takes very little time to construct. Materials cost nothing and weigh nothing. Have fun building!

How did I make this mod?

I used the forgotten construction set to build the mod. This mod only uses in-game materials, nothing has been added. I've simply used the construction set to make some of the game's buildings available to the player. There are several buildings that I did not include because they were extremely difficult to have characters build them in-game. I duplicated content rather than overwriting pre-existing content, this allowed me to rename and make description changes.

To Install:

1) Drop the mod into the data folder.
That's usually located in C:Program Files (x86)DesuraCommonKenshidata

2) Using notepad, open the file mods.cfg
in the first line type the entire name of the mod, for example: examplemod.mod
don't forget to add .mod at the end.

3) Only install one of the mods. Until it has been worked out by the developer, it seems that only one mod at a time will work.

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