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Set in a modern day survival-horror universe, the co-operative gameplay of L4D casts four “Survivors” in an epic struggle against hordes of swarming zombies and terrifying “Boss Infected” mutants.

Valve’s next generation AI technology, allows for games of 1 to 8 players. Players can play as a Survivor or as one of four types of “Boss Infected,” each of whom possess a unique mutant ability such as a 50-foot tongue lasso or a giant belly full of explosive methane gas.

Available on: PC, Xbox360 PC Rank: 263 / 6,006  | Overall Rank: 264 / 14,395

Game tags: Action, Science Fiction, First-Person, Tactical, Bloody, Modern Times

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Japanese Left 4 Dead arcade game character designs re... (2)
Valve and Japanese publisher Taito have revealed the character designs for their arcade remake of the co-op zombie-splatting title Left 4 Dead.

They're not all that interesting, if I'm honest.
Posted: 23.05.2014 by nickhorth1
Counter-Strike creator 'has seen Half-Life 3 artwork'... (3)
Le Minh, former Valve developer and creator of Counter-Strike, has said he's seen concept artwork for the long-sought-after Half-Life 3, admitting it's "kind of public knowledge" Valve is working on it in secret.

He "did see something" belonging to the Half-Life universe, and will "go out on a limb" to say it's Half-Life 3. Minh also saw the "new Left 4 Dead" which "looks great" .
Posted: 22.05.2014 by Technet2k
Turtle Rock discusses Evolve's co-op, lessons learned... (0)
Developer Turtle Rock set the zombie genre ablaze when they introduced Left 4 Dead, a game that is unforgiving at its co-operative core. With their new sci-fi co-op Evolve they want to take it a step further.

Going off on your own in L4D meant certain doom, but there wasn't any real 'role' for the characters, explains Turtle. With Evolve they've made sure they're unique and not totally helpless.
Posted: 24.03.2014 by Technet2k
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