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The Arena of the Dead 2 v3



Fight your way through the zombie infested town to the Stadium and wait for extraction by Helicopter.

4 Maps:
-The Alleys
-The Rooftops
-The Arena

Supports Coop, Versus, Survivor, & Scavenger Modes


To install the mod, extract jsarena2.vpk in the left4dea2addons directory (default location : C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonleft 4 dead 2left4dead2addons").

The next time you start Left 4 Dead, The Arena of the Dead will show up in your Addons Directory.


To uninstall the mod,

-Delete "jsarena2.vpk from the "SteamSteamAppscommonleft 4 dead 2left4dead2addons" directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

I. My mod consists of:


I would like to thank Valve for a terrific game.

I would like to give props to everyone on the Steam Forums and everyone that posted a tutorial. Without your help, this mod would still be a long time coming.

I would also like to thank the people who helped me playtest
Mike Rielly, Paul Bono, Patrick Hunt, Richard Patchak, Sirdangalot.

To my Lovely Wife, Leah, for being so supportive of all my creative efforts.

To my son, Tristan, for just being you.

Thank you, you are all great!



Version Notes

-Converted map from left 4 dead to left 4 dead 2

-added a skybox to all levels
-updated navmesh on all levels to spawn l4d2 zombies and riot cops (crescentcity)
-added wandering witches
-multiple bsp, model and texture changes to improve the overall look
-updated fireworks entities in all levels (replaced prop_physics with weapon_fireworkcrate)
--updated survivor weapon placement
--added Magnum & Spas Shotgun, Chrome Shotgun
--fixed floating telephone wires
--added lighting effects to street lights
--update survivor weapon placement
--added Desert Rifle, Military Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Magnum & Chrome Shotgun
--updated Chainsaw room (Breakable wall is prebroken)
--converted the van event to a rolling crescendo with an alarm.
--updated the van event building (Added 3 more floors of office space)
--added lighting effects to street lights
--added scavenger mode map
--update survivor weapon placement
--added Desert Rifle, Magnum & Chrome Shotgun
--converted the lift event to a rolling crescendo
--added scavenger mode map
--added Magnum
--downsized the map borders (This should improve rendering performance)
--added scavenger mode map
--updated nav mesh to resolve bot issues with the ladder near the radio

-added panic events to scavenge matches
-updated dead bodies in all levels (set them to non-solid)
-disabled shadows for prop_physics on shelves in all levels
-added road line overlays to the roads and parking lots in all levels
--added intro cinematic
--changed spawn point (players spawn in a parking lot next to a wrecked car)
--updated lighting
--added several vehicles for visibility blocking / better zombie spawns
--added several info_remarkables
--added button, red light, and several info_remarkables to the van / alarm event (this should lead the players better)
--updated the van train (resized so players can't step up the side of the van)
--updated lighting
--removed info_proxy (hint) and info_remarkable (speech) for van event from scavenge mode
--modified weapons / items to spawn in survival mode
--added several info_remarkables
--updated storeroom safehouse graffiti
--updated the lift pulley models
--removed info_proxy (hint) and info_remarkable (speech) for lift from scavenge mode
--modified weapons / items to spawn in survival mode
--restructured the stadium entrance areas
--added more bsp detail & textures to stadium
--updated the lighting
--added more debris
--added several info_remarkables
--restructured the parking lot exteriors (to promote better zombie spawns)
--updated safehouse graffiti

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