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Gather your strength and your courage, and invite your friends to embark on an epic fantasy LEGO adventure through the darkest forests and deepest caves of Middle-earth! Check out the new trailer released today to see more of the highly anticipated LEGO The Hobbit videogame featuring all of your favorite characters from the first two films in The Hobbit Trilogy in LEGO form, including Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Dwarves of Erebor.

Available on: PC PC Rank: 615 / 6,006  | Overall Rank: 699 / 14,395

Game tags: Third-Person, Fantasy, Action Adventure

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LEGO The Hobbit Screenshot
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Lego: The Hobbit will add third film content as DLC (0)
Lego: The Hobbit contains content from just the first two Hobbit films at launch, but Lego fansite Brick Fanatics are reporting that content from the third film will be added as DLC when There and Back Again is released in cinemas this Christmas.
Posted: 03.04.2014 by nickhorth1
LEGO The Hobbit Buddy-Up Trailer is all about Teamwork (0)
The latest LEGO The Hobbit Buddy-Up trailer shows us the importance of Teamwork as Thorin Oakenshield and his company of dwarves must work together to use new abilities and special attack moves to reach the Dwarven Kingdom of Erebor.
Posted: 06.03.2014 by JamieSI
Warner releases official announcement trailer for LEG... (0)
The official announcement trailer for LEGO The Hobbit has now been released by Warner Bros. Gone are the LEGO Star Wars days of having no dialogue as they use the real actors' performances.

Of course it's full of the typical LEGO Traveller's Tale humour with it rated PEGI 7. LEGO The Hobbit covers both of the first two films in The Hobbit trilogy. It's out next year.
Posted: 16.12.2013 by Technet2k
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