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Author: commander jman

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City of Dol Amroth

Dol Amroth is home to the Knights of Dol Amroth, Descendents of the Numenoreans and elf-like, they were Gondor's main ally.
Their home is the city and fortress of Dol Amroth, it is on the coast of Belfalas and is as grand a city as Minas Tirith.
but now they are threatened by corsairs and the Swan Knights prepare to defend their city, from the forces of evil.

This is a 1v2 fortress map, the defenders have their main citadel and some land cut off from the enemy
by a river and a gate under their control. The fortress is half in the sea and the defenders and attacks have a shipwright, the sea must be
defended or the attackers can use ships to bombard the fortress.

1.Unzip the folder and find the folder 'City of Dol Amroth'
2.Go to 'my computer' open the hard drive. documents and settings.
4.Open the folder with your windows username on .
5.Open application data.
6.Open 'My Battle for Middle-Earth II rise of the witch-king files'.
7.Open maps and put the folder 'City of Dol Amroth' in it.
8.Play the game

If you have any questions or ways to improve my map email me
Use this map but give me credit for it where needed -Commander Jman

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