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Fornost: City of the North
By CptKetten


First off, this IS Electronic Arts' Fornost map, but altered. You may remember that the original map was set at night time,
and that the city was 75% destroyed. This map is set during the day, and the city has been rebuilt.


-Removed as many scorch marks as possible
-Rebuilt destroyed walls
-Removed ruined buildings and replaced with normal Fornost buildings
-Removed the random battle wreckage that EA put into the map
-Added living trees and removed most of the dead ones
-Changed time of day to AFTERNOON
-Re-did some of the terrain
-Added statues to their proper places

-Thanks EA for ROTWK and the original Fornost map.

-You may use this map in your own mod WITHOUT asking me. Just give me the credit for the map.
-If this breaks your game (I don't know why it would, but...) I am not responsible.

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