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Author: FerretyBeast

-Create-A-Hero System Changes

Unlimited Attribute Points
Increased AOE Damage
New Melee Combat Effect
New Ranged Combat Effect
Can use any Hero on any Team

-Gameplay Changes

Tweaked all Prices and Build Times of all Teams to be more balanced/fun
Tweaked Health and Damage for many units on all Teams
Increased Resource Rate
Increased Health of all Walls/Gates as the normal walls seem to break within a few seconds.
Increased Unit Cap to Double its normal rate
Increased the amount of Units in a Squad
Mordor and Isengard can now build Goblin Warriors and Archers from the Orc/Uruk Pit
Mordor can now build Walls
All Teams have new Heroes available!

-Other Changes

Added Blood to all Units (Who doesnt like Blood? lol)
Have enabled Arnor as a playable faction (Still needs work!)

and many many more! To be honest you just have to play and find out! Although Ill always list the most significant changes here.

I appreciate any feedback and constructive critsicm on how to improve the mod is welcomed!

-Notes From Author-

This mod was made based on the Patch 2.01 for ROTWK, There are many changes so make sure you read them all. Also, This isnt in the -mod folder format because I cant run -xres and -yres command lines when using the -mod line (this game really needs Widescreen Support!), I included all the backup files so all you have to do is switch back if you dont like the mod. I may add a -mod version at some point depending on the success of the mod.

I have done all the changes myself but the Blood Code is from a very old BFME 1 mod that Ive re-written and edited for ROTWK. Sorry it was such a long time ago so I dont remember the original author.

I actually made a first version of this mod a long time ago just to use for myself and have been using it since, but I thought maybe it was time to share it and get some feedback so I can improve on it.

The main focus of this mod is to get bigger movie-like battles underway, which due to Population Cap and Squad Size in the original ROTWK that can be kinda hard, But in this mod you really can have a wide open battle with countless units and get that 'war' feeling that you should do! Also, I have focused alot on the defensive side of things and made all walls and gates stronger so that you really have to think about your tactics for example using siege Towers/ladders as well bombs and climbing units to breach the enemys base rather than a few squads taking out a section of wall within a few seconds then the enemy rushing you. For me this is a vast improvement in making the game more tactical.

All in all I just hope you enjoy the mod and have fun!


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