Mod: Max Create-a-Hero Tokens 1.00
This mini-mod allows the player to spend the maximum amount of power points/tokens on their creatable heroes (CaH). This mod effects all faction heroes, including Men, Elves, Dwarves, Istari (Wizards), Servants of Sauron, Corrupted Man, and Trolls.
  File Name:     Author: Admin
  File Size: 2.94 MB   Files Added: 11,489
  Downloads: 2,720 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 19,086,426 (27,321 last week)
  Posted: 23.03.2010   Supporters: n/a
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By sjeggy (SI Newbie) on Sep 06, 2012
now its worth to get a hero but i once had a mod wich allowed you to get some sort of cap remover
i had a mage with
20 might
20 def etc
do you know what mod it was?