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map name: Duck Lake
# of players: 4
game for: bfme2 & rotwk
ai enabled
gollum: yes
map size: 500x500
has rj cam and skybox! (only with the RJ-RotWK & SEE mods)

extract the folder -Duck Lake- and put it into
-C:application data-user name-my battle for middle earth 2maps- or whatever your default map folder is.
-C:Application data-username-my lord of the rings, the rise of the witch kingmaps- or wherever your RotWK map folder is
*-username- is your windows user/logon name*
Duck Lake resides in a slightly colder region of middle earth by the misty mountains of Gollum and Bilbo Baggins fame. Trolls, goblins and barrowwight lairs are thick in this land; Forests are hard to get through because of this. Ducks of various sizes inhabit the lake and a signal tower from ages past sits near it. Duck Lake was designed from the ground up to be a snow map, so it has snow, and snow textures.

anyone is free to use this map and alter it for themselves alone. if you want to modify this map and release it, contact me at henray8n AT yahoo Dot com and ask permission before hand. also feel free to post this map at other sites, just please ask me first. enjoy!

thorongil from filefront.

if you find something that doesn't work on this map or that you feel should be changed; or you find a bug, please contact me at henray8n AT yahoo DOT com. you may also contact me at the email address mentioned for permission to use my map in a mod, to modify it for public release, or to notify me that you are posting my map on a different site. Oh! and be sure to visit my website and forum, located at and at respectively (you'll have to copy and paste the web addresses' into your browser)


RobNkarla for the rj cam
Smartdude1301 for encourage, inspiration & testing the map

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