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2v2 multi and singleplayer. You can capture the largest of the three towers in the middle. it will give u a huge vision bonus and your powers will recharge quicker. i tried to make good textures but i know it is still far from perfect.

About the three towers:

These towers are in the Tower Hills west of the Shire. Elostirion was the tallest of the three White Towers that were built by Gil-galad for Elendil. The palantir of Elendil was kept at Elostirion. This palantir was not in accord with the others and looked west across the Sea to Eressea, where the Master-stone was kept in the Tower of Avallone. Elostirion and the Elendil Stone were long guarded by Cirdan and the Elves of the Grey Havens, and when Elrond left Middle-earth in 3021, Cirdan placed the palantir on his ship.

Hobbits said that one could see the Sea from the top of Elostirion, but no Hobbit had ever been known to climb it.

From carglass.

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