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This is a mission map through Middle-Earth for 3 human players all on the same team. Player #4 should be computer and on different team - place on map in *bottom-left*.

Battle your way through each land fighting the enemy hordes and heroes. You will receive help from allies along the way.

Make sure you keep Frodo alive - if he dies, you lose. Objective is to reach the end and kill Sauron.

Two important things to note:
#1 When you have defeated the evil subverted Galadriel, go to the top of the snow mountain path and you will be teleported to the next region.
#2 When you reach the dock area where transport ships are, load your heroes (and units if room left). Beware of enemy battleships and catapults! If they get sunk, you lose.

There are also 3 hidden secrets (minor cheats)...see if you can discover them without opening the map!

Good luck and hope you enjoy the map!

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