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Author: the RC Mod Team

RC Mod is a modification for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II. It adds 6 all new factions! Men will be split into Rohan and Gondor. Goblins will no longer be a faction.

The new factions are listed below

Ridder Clan - A faction that relies on stealth and flaming arrows from the bows of Dunedain Rangers.

Acosa - A faction of humanoid bears, also known as, Ploofie Bears. They consist of many different colors and weapons.

Hithaeglir - A strange faction based on undeads and things like that.

Beasts - A faction that relies on brute strength and plenty of wargs. This faction's name is all you have to hear to know what it consists of.

Vandas - Acosa's enemy consisting of corrupted bears and men

Harad - Men from the East, enemies of Gondor and Rohan, they are evil and known for their mumakil and archers.

Created by Ridder Geel and his team.

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