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----------------- THE HISTORY OF AGES BETA 1.2 ------------
This mod is unofficial addon to The Lord of the Rings - The Rise of the Witch-King.This mod allows you to play for such factions as:


Each of this factions have an unique Ring Heroes

Arnor - Elendil

Gondor - Isildur
Rohan - Eorl
Elfs - Galadriel
Dwarves - Durin

Main in this mod

- each of this factions have a Super Hero,which will be weakest than Ring Hero,but stronger than standart heroes.

- this factions have many different units,structures,heroes

- beside each of the factions have an unique spell book,which will include the ensemble of new spells!

- improved AI. Computer will hire new units and heroes, build new structures, use new special powers and much more!

- new maps and much more!


1.Copy Files _Thoadata.big , _Thoabasic.big , _Thoa_Sounds.big , _Thoaother.big and paste them to you ROTWK Game.
2.Copy Files from EnglishVersion folder (thoaassetru.big and Maps) and paste them into your ApplicationData,example:"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\My The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king Files".При этом может возникнуть проблема.Папка "Application Data"
3.Copy shortcut from EnglishVersion folder and write the way in properties,example "D:\The Lord of the Rings - The Rise of the Witch-King\EP1\lotrbfme2ep1.exe" -mod thoaasseten.big

Vardamir©. Special for strategyinformer

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