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First off: The beta is NOT AT ALL balanced, and there are no new graphics.

Also, the new camera zoom doesn't work on all maps. Buckland, Dead Marshes and the 8-player tournament map that was included in the last patch are examples for maps where it works perfectly.

This first beta includes one complete faction (The Empire of Tohrnheim) with all new units (swordsmen, pikemen, shieldmen, musicians, blademasters, archers, crossbowmen, light cavalry, knights, paladins, horse archers and siege machines).

This new faction replaces the MotW faction, further releases will replace all other factions and add more, they will also add new special powers and heroes, as right now I only cut the heroes and left the special powers unchanged (except for Army of the Dead, which I disabled).

All units now come in bigger battalions (infantry normally 30 units each, cavalry 15), melee units do nearly no damage to structures and fire only harms wood-based structures (and does nothing at all to walls, towers or fortresses), there is no way to destroy a base without siege...

Also naval warfare has been improved hopefully, but as the AI doesn't use it I couldn't test it completely... ships should be able to ram each other now.

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