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Lords of EverQuest Cheats & Codes

To activate Lords of EverQuest cheats start game as usual, during gameplay press tilde [~] to bring up the console, and then enter the following cheats:

Code: Description:
AllIsRevealed Show all campaign missions
BlingBling Add 10,000 plat
Coinage Add 1,000 plat
IAmNotTheOne Lose
IAmTheOne Win
KingMe Lord set to high level
LayOnHands Heal all units
LetThemEatCake Troops gain one level
LevelLord Lord gains one level
ManaBoost Unit mana set to max
ManaKing Unit mana never depleted
MaxKnight Knights set to high level
Omniscience Toggle fog of war
PowerBurst Troops set to high level
SirKnight Knights gain one level
StaminaBoost Unit stamina set to max
StaminaKing Unit stamina never depleted
SuperShopper Get all upgrades
Gamma # Set gamma to #
Help Bring up console help screen
MenuBar Toggle menu bar
Pause Toggle pause
Null Not used


Lords of EverQuest Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
+6 Trainer 139 KB Download it!