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Author: Don_Mafioso

1. Introduction

It's not good when you are not changing something for a long time. In this case modifications in Mafia. When I was thinking about new mod for this game I went to go shopping. And on the streetlights I looked to the road - suddenly idea - "I know! I'll made mod about footpath's & road's!". And here it is - Footpath & Road Mod.

2. Installation

a) Download MafiaDataXTractor and run it. When question will appear click on 'OK' button.

b) Extract 'maps' folder to Mafia directory.

c) Done! Enjoy.

5. Contact

Author: Don_Mafioso (Mafioso)

E-mail: krystian4842[at]

Gadu-Gadu: 10523056

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