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We’d like to present the final version of "Mafia Retextured" mod. Early versions were posted on the websites:, in 2012. There were only a small number of textures. The new mod includes nearly 100% of textures of the city and countryside. In the final version some models of buildings were remapped a bit and many old textures were fixed and replaced with better ones. Also the mod contains "Night neon signs" addon created by SilverFletcher and Abradox. Some signs and billboards at night city are animated and illuminate. Author of textures represented in this mod - SUUU. Models adjustment, mod testing, bugs fixing – SilverFletcher and Abradox. Eight textures from FanSH were used in this mod. Sky textures: SilverFletcher, FanSH (textures are taken from STALKER Skies v1.1 by Cambragol, Stalker Panoramic Mod v2.1 Final by Argus, Stalker: ShoC).


Unzip the archive with the mod, run the installer, specify the path to the installed game, wait for the installation. Using "Mafia Retextured final" and "Night neon signs" in other projects, in whole or in part, without attribution (SUUU, SilverFletcher and Abradox) is prohibited. Soon to be released addon for "Mafia Retextured final": "Mafia HD cars pack". Preview of this project you can see at:

If you have problems with running the game, use the settings of "Texure quality/size" shown in the picture № 1 (first turn on "Compression", if the game in the city still doesn’t start or fps is low, turn off "Truecolor"). When you start the game for the first it will have to compress textures, so first loadings will be longer.

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