Mod: Mafia 2 Blade Pack DLCs v2

Update available!

Mafia 2 (4.63 MB)
File name: cnt_blade.rar
Update DLCs Blade Pack. Now you can use Waybar Hot rod in winter. Added fastest car in game - Delizia Grandeamerica. In the closet is now Joe's shirt from Joe's Adventures.
  File Name: cnt_blade v2.rar     Author: LUXIN
  File Size: 9.83 MB   Files Added: 2
  Downloads: 11,981 (51 last week)   Author Downloads: 15,811 (72 last week)
  Posted: 16.10.2011   Supporters: 3 (+1 Add)
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By oceanxo (I just got here) on Oct 18, 2011
Can you make it work for steam as well? Thanks! =)