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Mafia-2_Badyorko_mode_v1.01 (release date: 2012/08/17)

Backup your files. In addition, make reserve copy of "shubert_frigate_pha.sds" file, the pass: C:\Program Files\2K Games\Mafia II\pc\sds\cars.
Replace files from game folders with those from mode folders of the same names. If you have no "dlcs" and "sds_ru" folders, you do not need to copy something from these mode folders.
Warning ! Copy the files from folder, not whole folder ! Otherwise, you will delete files, which are not to be replaced, resulting in game failure.
Start the game.


1. It was substituted of majority (52) of city citizens. Beside of familiar characters, you will meet both little-known people and persons who did not be recognised earlier.
Most of the replacments appear at "summer" period of game (chapters 7-15,+JA+JV+boJ). Be careful, some of peaceful-looking people can be aggressive.
2. Do not escape from cut-scenes!!! Some of them can be funny.
3. Surprises related with cars substitution:
a) Police car chase is dramatically changed. Cops in full-length protrude from window and try to shoot you.
You can take a seat beside of police driver and ride as a passenger. Giving a bribe, you can sit on the driver's seat and carry a second cop.
To avoid being fined by cop, turn on "L" (speed limiter). Showing gun, pull out the police from their cars and quickly occupy driver's seat. Stolen car will not be wanted.
b) You can diversify the game, constantly replacing police cars from "police car bonus" folder to "...Mafia II\pc\sds\cars" folder.
One provides of 17 additional cars options for winter (chapters 2-5) and for summer (chapters 7-15,+JA+JV+boJ) of periods of game.
c) You can take off up to 3-7 floors house, using Smith Coupe car (distorted). Park it by right side closely to vertical solid surface and press "f" (get out).
Walls and fences made of natural stone lead to the best results. Parking skills are principal key, see of video samples at
The highest jump ends fatally. That is why, it is appropriate to setup additional installations of Mafia-2 with immortality mode***(see below)
d) By this method, you can get through wooden fences and other barrier, occuring in not previously available places of city. Beside of parking skills, just luck is that you need as well.
Do not park "Smith Coupe" car at tilt toward the fence, otherwise you sink into the ground, see the jpeg-file "map secret places".
4. Adult only can use the password from NudeGirls. You can compile it letter by letter, carefully checking the screanshoots/best of Mafia-2 at,
for example, "7:w" means that 7th character of the password is "w". The password contains 12 caps locked characters. Copy obtained files in "...pc\sds\traffic" folder.
5. If, at Sicilia mission, you'll be the first who run up on a balcony, quickly move to left. Bumping in parapet, press "space. If you are very lucky, you will be jumped to sky.

P.S. If you decided to download this mode on your web site, please, do not show the password, do not reshuffle or change the files, not to add something from yourself! The mode must be original.


1. Chapter 1, on balcony in Sicilia, tremor of the screen is ok. It results from bulk objects occurring in the game. Go next.
2. Chapter 9, follow to Luke mission. If Luke is stoped at gate of Clemente's slaughterhouse and it will not be opened, restart the mission.
Moving the bridge over the river, punch by car the 2-meters tin fence, which locates between end of bridge and first right turn. By this way, you cut corners and leave Luke behind. Moving ahead,
you ride to slaughterhouse gate first. Luke will pass you by and gate must be opened. If it will not occure, exit the game and temporarily replace "shubert_frigate_pha" file from
"C:\Program Files\2K Games\Mafia II\pc\sds\cars" folder with reserve original file.
3. In "The betrayal of Jimmy", countdown mission "steal Shubert frigate car". To perform this task, temporarily replace "shubert_frigate_pha" file from
"C:\Program Files\2K Games\Mafia II\pc\sds\cars" folder with reserve original file.


Instal one of the three versions of trainer mafia2_v1.01\1.02\v1.04_trn+10. They are included in Badyorko_mode.
They also can be downloaded from Possibly, there will be a fresher version than 1.04.
1. Click on icon. In opened window of programme, press "menu" and select English.
2. Start the game, scroll through the video, cover the game by "Windows" button (between "Ctrl" and "Alt").
3. If in the window it arises "trainer not compatible" instead of "waiting for the game...", shut down all windows and try another version.
For exemple, it must arise "Mafia2 (v1.04) Trainer+10". I succeeded with only last 1.04 version. However, sometimes the game was failured.
So that, use the trainer up to your choice. "F3" button turns on/off the immortality, hearing this or other by speaker.


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