Magicka: Wizard Wars News (PC)

Magicka: Wizard Wars has been downloaded 500,000 times

Posted: 05.06.2014 by nickhorth1

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According to developers Paradox Interactive and Paradox North, Magicka: Wizard Wars, the online player-versus-player spell-dueling game, has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

Since the game began its Open Beta phase last week, over 97,704,758 spells have been cast. Just think of what that's doing to the environment.

Open beta begins for Magicka: Wizard Wars, "cauldron's worth of new content"

Posted: 27.05.2014 by Technet2k

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Paradox Interactive has finally invoked an open beta incantation for Magicka: Wizard Wars, the player versus player focused spin-off with 4v4 and 1v1 combat. New content is being introduced to mark the occasion.

New robes, staffs, unique skins, spells and a new Wizard Warfare map become available. Wizard Wars retains the series humour, while encouraging even more hilarious mayhem.

Magicka: Wizard Wars will kick off Open Beta on May 27

Posted: 09.05.2014 by nickhorth1

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Paradox Interactive has announced today that Magicka: Wizard Wars, the "online competitive multiplayer game of misdirected magic", will be entering its Open Beta phase on May 27.

Paradox Convention 2014 Round-Up

Posted: 29.01.2014 by JustCommunication

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A quick look at some of the other gems to come out of 2014's Paradox Convention...

Magicka: Wizard Wars gains Duel Mode, "one-on-one" combat in an arena

Posted: 24.01.2014 by Technet2k

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Four robed wizards enter and one leaves, eventually, after having got six spell-flung murders to his name. Paradox Interactive have announced the new Duel Mode for PvP action game Magicka: Wizard Wars.

Four players enter a small arena where two will teleport to commence battle, leaving the others as spectators, until someone is slain and they take their place.