Magicka: Wizard Wars Preview (PC)

I’ll admit, early viewing of Wizard Wars had me a little worried about the game, even if it was a PvP spin-off of a pretty fun and hilarious game. Still, developer Paradox North were being extremely cautious with it – only releasing one mode and one map initially as part of their early access program, and seeing where things went from there. It seems to be paying off – a few tentative steps, and the team seem to be getting more confident with what they’re doing. Since I last saw the game we’ve seen an extra mode – the Duel Mode – which in many ways is a better proof-of-concept than the original offering, as well as the development of their customisation and general battle systems.

To celebrate going fully free-to-play and into Open Beta today, Wizard Wars is being kitted out with a brand new map for the main 4 v 4 mode, Wizard Warfare. It’s set in an underground cave, and it’s been deliberately designed to be a more intimate experience, so you don’t have to run around as much before you run into someone you need to kill. I believe the technical term is ‘rhombic layout’.


There’s also a brand new Magick – the Raise Dead Magick – which bolsters the already impressive collection of uber-spells. Magicks are now unlocked via a crystal system, and from what we’ve observed so far you’re only able to get crystals through levelling up (although we wouldn’t be surprised if you could also pay to unlock them as well). There’s also an assortment of new robes, skins and weapons to pimp out your wizard and put the fear of Zod into your enemies.

Wizard Wars as a game is really coming into its own, and even though it’s later than expected, from now on there’ll be no barrier for entry in regards to trying it out, so you really have no excuses now.

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