Amnesia: The Dark Descent Maps (PC)

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1 Player 5 19,868 18.29 MB Jan 2, 2013
All Maps 9 31,486 65.56 MB Jan 2, 2013
The Bloody Basement: The Beginning

This map is the introduction to series of Amnesia maps , but I won't work as fast if people don't play the map. Notice though that this is not a long map and the rest will be much longer. I am just trying to start and seeing what people think.

Map added: 02.01.2013 | The Bloody Basement-The | 2.44 MB | 1784 downloads

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Daniel's Sanity

After Daniel survived what happened during Amnesia - The Dark Descent, he is reaching new heights of madness and worse yet. If he would speak to somebody about his experience, he would be most likely deemed insane.

Map added: 23.05.2011 | DanielsSanity.rar | 17 KB | 10151 downloads

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An Unexpected Arrival

You are lost in a dark forest. Your sanity is fading rapidly. You have little time before your past catches up with you. You must seek refuge; anywhere but the undergrowth of the forest which has you trapped; alone."

Map added: 07.02.2011 | AnUnexpectedArrival.rar | 3.85 MB | 4537 downloads

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Scroob's Castle Demo

"You awake in a cell, with almost no memory what happened over the last few days. You know your name is Conor and you came to this place for some reason that you can't remember. Can you survive the horror's that Scroob's castle holds?"

Map added: 15.11.2010 | ScroobsCastle.rar | 7.65 MB | 1418 downloads

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The Haunted House[Beta]

This is my first map for any game. It is not even close to be done yet. please give suggestions and feedback.

Map added: 18.10.2010 | TheHauntedHouse.rar | 4.34 MB | 1978 downloads

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