Far Cry 3 Maps (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
1 Player 10 3,971 30.13 MB Sep 22, 2013
1-10 Players 1 363 6.18 MB Jan 2, 2013
1-30 Players 1 739 1.76 MB Jan 30, 2013
All Maps 18 7,863 60.29 MB Sep 22, 2013
RandomLand singleplayer map

you never Know what`s next on randomland! Can you survive???? you will find anything on this map from monkey sexual orgies to racetracks, hell you`ll even get to meet the Buddha! press CTRL-G as soon as you open the map that`s the real starting point of

Map added: 22.09.2013 | RANDOMLAND.rar | 3.70 MB | 1643 downloads

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Rocket Wars

Looks like your neighbors are pissed off again; except this time I think they mean business. Your pals grabbed the rest of the rocket launchers, but don't worry they left ya some small arms in the shed. So grab a gun and solve this dispute once and for

Map added: 15.06.2013 | Rocket Wars.fc3map | 1.29 MB | 17 downloads

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singleplayer map AIR DIRT WATER plus CHICKENS

AIR-DIRT-WATER+CHICKENS A singleplayer map i created just for fun to test the map editor features: -Drive cars on DIRT games tracks inspired map sections -Use jet skis and boats -Torture animals!! with all kind of weapons included CHICKENS! -fight th

Map added: 26.05.2013 | NITRO CIRCUS.rar | 3.51 MB | 167 downloads

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FULL DIRT extreme rally map

FULL DIRT! Extreme rally map for far cry 3 The goal here is to complete a full circuit by using only one car! (except the quad bike, quad bike sucks! XD - it gets stuck on water sometimes) so youŽll need to watch your speed and damage to the car, terr

Map added: 26.05.2013 | FULL DIRT.rar | 3.83 MB | 161 downloads

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Battle Dome

Cars, critters, and combatants await ya in this battle royal! However, ya'll managed to fall down a gigantic crater, and it looks like some rascals parked their trucks right at the edge. So take some cover and take them creeps out!

Map added: 06.05.2013 | Battle Dome.fc3map | 1013 KB | 227 downloads

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Naval Warfare

Well, looks like your crappy old fishing boat just broke down again, and it seems like some pirates decided to join you in the fun. Don't worry tho, ya'll have plenty of guns and sailors aboard to show them pirates who runs these waters! So get that tri

Map added: 01.04.2013 | Naval Warfare.fc3map | 1.95 MB | 439 downloads

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Destruction Derby

Destruction derby finally made it to Far Cry! So its time to hop in that buggy and do some real damage. Don't stop and take a breath though, cause those little buggers will hunt ya down.

Map added: 07.03.2013 | Destruction Derby.fc3map | 887 KB | 355 downloads

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Destruction Derby *Knockout*

Knockout derby finally made it to Far Cry! So its time to hop in that buggy and do some real damage. Don't stop and take a breath though, cause those little buggers will hunt ya down. Not much room in this one, so keep her turning or you'll be in the drin

Map added: 07.03.2013 | Destruction Derby Knockout.fc3map | 3.82 MB | 296 downloads

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Auto Avalanche

I made this map a while back and thought I'd share the fun with you guys. Basically, in this map you dodge a mass array of cars as they come snowballing down a steep slope, and of course, there are explosives involved also. To play it just spawn by the

Map added: 06.03.2013 | Auto Avalanche.fc3map | 2.58 MB | 379 downloads

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Revenge ( CO-OP )

when unpack downloaded file you will see three folders, one folder for every map. In every folder you will see a map file put all three maps in your Far cry 3 user maps folder ( if you do not know where is that you can open map editor and chose ope

Map added: 02.01.2013 | revenge.rar | 7.60 MB | 287 downloads

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