Stronghold 2 Maps (PC)

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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
1 Player 1 2,060 685 KB Jan 1, 2012
1-4 Players 1 1,885 626 KB Jan 3, 2012
All Maps 3 9,042 4.93 MB Nov 17, 2012
Valley of Mines

This is a singleplayer Kingmaker-Map. You compete against seven opponents who will not let up until they have invaded your castle.

Map added: 01.04.2012 | Valley of Mines | 3.65 MB | 5097 downloads

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To The Beach

On this breathtaking map you will see a nice beach to the west and maybe the south (If I can remember!). This is a peaceful mission! BE CAREFUL AROUND THE WATERFALL AT THE WEST BEACH IF YOU DON'T HAVE A VERY GOOD GRAPHICS CARD!

Map added: 03.01.2012 | To The Beach.s2m | 626 KB | 1885 downloads

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Into the mountains

In this map you start with a small castle on your own island. There is a bridge to cross which leads you into the mountains where there is a small estate which you can buy deep in the mountains.

Map added: 01.01.2012 | Into the mountains.s2m | 685 KB | 2060 downloads

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