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***Note: A recent update to Origin has been causing issues with Texmod. Some versions of ThaneMOD include textures that must be used with either Texmod or ME3Explorer. We encourage you to use ME3Explorer if you are presently having issues with Texmod, or if you have never used Texmod. More details on this can be found in the Install Guide.***


ThaneMOD is a series of changes to the handling of Thane Krios’ character in Mass Effect 3. The primary intent of the mod is to provide players with the option to prevent Thane from engaging Kai Leng in the Priority: Citadel II mission (aka, “The Coup”). This prevents his death, allowing him to live through the end of the game. He returns in the epilogue, either in a series of slides or in the Memorial Scene, and sometimes in both. ThaneMOD has specifically been built to be used by both friend and romanced Shepards.

ThaneMOD also includes many other story and lore enhancements contained in four optional modules. These modules range from music alterations and dialogue changes, to new war assets, codex entries and emails, to the inclusion of new textures. Much of the new content varies with romance status and in game decisions.

Version 1.0 of ThaneMOD had been in development since March of 2013 and is the result of many, many hours of planning, research, and very hard work. In future versions of ThaneMOD we have plans to include the following, most of which pertain to Thane's romance:

Paramour achievement
FemShep dress re-texture
Continued refinement of the Huerta Dialogue with Thane including improvements to camera angles, audio, lip-syncing and animations
Verbal acknowledgements regarding Thane by the other Normandy crew
Tweaks to the "Kaidan Triangle" (possibly as it pertains to all LIs and released as a separate mod)
Corrupted emails from LI-FemShep to Thane viewable at the Shadow Broker Terminal
Citadel DLC content additions and changes

Due to its size and complexity, ThaneMOD has a significant amount of documentation. The information you will find on this page is relatively brief. For more details, please visit our website.

All changes ThaneMOD makes to ME3 can be organized into five modules. Each module comes in different variants, depending on romance status or ending type, and in most cases can be used completely independently.

These modules are:

Core module (standard for EC, enhanced for EC, enhanced for MEHEM)
Emails, War Assets & Codex (EWAC) module (standard & Leviathan DLC)
Relationship Improvements module (Friend or Romance)
Huerta Music module (Friend or Romance)
Credits Music module (EC, MEHEM for SM, MEHEM for Julia)

For detailed information on each module, please see How Does ThaneMOD Work? on our website.


While we had intended ThaneMOD be 100% modular for the v1.0 install, this proved more challenging than we could handle when it came to installer scripting (we didn't have any experience in that department, nor did we have access to any paid-for software). Therefore, for v1.0 we have assembled five different "install packages." Each package contains an installer and other assorted items necessary for installation. We have selected the combinations that we believe will fit the needs of most our users.

Below are module combinations by package for ThaneMOD v1.0:

v1.0A -- Standard Core module for the ME3 Extended Cut
v1.0B -- Enhanced Core module for the ME3 EC, EWAC, Friend Improvements, Huerta Music, Credit Music
v1.0C -- Enhanced Core module for the ME3 EC, EWAC, Romance Improvements, Huerta Music, Credit Music
v1.0D -- Enhanced Core module for MEHEM, EWAC, Friend Improvements, Huerta Music, Credit Music
v1.0E -- Enhanced Core module for MEHEM, EWAC, Romance Improvements, Huerta Music, Credit Music
v1.0F -- All modules; full manual install

Choose your install package carefully, and make sure it contains the contents you want to experience in game. Download only one to start. The full manual install is not for the inexperienced mod-user. Installation of ThaneMOD is not difficult, but it is complex. More on this below.


You will also find three optional files on the download tab:

Black Hoodie Retex -- HD, Thane-centric hoodie in black for FemShep and BroShep. Red arm stripe.
Green Hoodie Retex -- HD, Thane-centric hoodie in green for FemShep and BroShep. Two versions. One with a gray arm stripe, and one with red.

ThaneMOD comes packaged with a low-rez, Thane-centric hoodie re-texture for FemShep, created by Ottemis & Luckythirteen. However, Ottemis kindly decided to make these new, HD hoodies for us right before release, so these are not referenced in the Install Guide. They also cannot be found among her own downloads on the web, they are ThaneMOD-exclusives.

Please note that if you will be playing BroShep and wish to use one of these hoodies, you will need to ensure you've completed the proper steps for Texture Prep in PART 1 of the Install Guide.


ThaneMOD is a large mod with a somewhat complex (but not difficult) installation procedure. Details regarding installation, uninstallation, troubleshooting, bugs, FAQs, changelog etc, will not be provided here. Instead they are located on the website and in a 25-page Install Guide in contained in every install package. We expect you to use this guide along with the information provided on the website to install ThaneMOD.

Let us be very clear: It is highly likely that if you attempt to install ThaneMOD without the assistance of the Install Guide, you will bork your game.

ThaneMOD is hosted on multiple sites. We will not be monitoring and replying to comments on every site. If you have questions or comments regarding the mod, we encourage you to use our website and join our forum.
We hope you enjoy ThaneMOD!

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