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Hey there.
Just wanted to add this little mod so I have something more to show about myself an my profile. :/

(EDIT: Note that these are the changes for the first version. If you want to see the newer changes, just go to the download section)

Anyway, list of things I did (as said before, don't expect too much):

- Corrected magazine size (12 bullets in a Desert Eagle? Come on.)
- Changed Shoot-Dodge movement (Just a tiny little)
- Added quite a few new aliases (console commands)
- Changed Health and BulletTime HUD icons.
- Max is now more of a serious guy
- Higher jump when shoot-dodging
- Shoot-dodging is now also slower
- Faster beretta shooting
- Faster M4 shooting
- Faster Desert Eagle shooting
- No Slow Mo Multiplier for Pump Shotgun
- Tip sound removed
- Evasive roll sound now better timed with the animation

On Death:
- Time freezes for a moment (TRW Style)
- Death Music was changed

Bullet Time:
- Lasts for 20 seconds when full
- Regenerates within two/three minutes, instead of non-regenerating
- Less Shoot-Dodge penalty
- Heartbeat interval is now 3 seconds (dramatic effect)
- It is slower and has a blend time of one second
- White flash (pretty epic I think)
- Widescreen

Now trying to add Over the Shoulder camera for aiming, just like that mod for Max Payne 2 before it completely disappeared. (I think it was The Silver's)
EDIT: Max Payne 1 engine can't get this done. Only seems to work in MP2.

And I think that's all.
Try it, and tell me what you think.

PS: Wondering why this mod is called Ammo? Originally, I was only going to modify the magazine size.

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