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Author: Zom-B

I am converting the original characters from Max Payne 1 over to Max Payne 2.

Max has been converted, also on the list are the bad guys from the original to replace the mafioso, the original commandos and junkies to replace.. well i haven't decided where to put the junkies just yet, perhaps the homeless guys from Max's apartment? We'll see.

If i can get permission, i'll also include the Roscoe Street Station DMW map for authenticity. As well as that, i'll be attempting to convert the Subway_a and Subway_b source level files from MP1 to MP2, thanks to Remedy for those.

The sounds will also be converted over, along with several other things such as menu screens, graphic novels and music.

More screenshots and videos will be coming soon, though i have only just started this mod so give it time, if anyone wants to lend me a hand who has experience with Milkshape or MaxED level editor, you are encouraged to get in contact with me.

Yours Truly, a fan of Max Payne..

Ben "Zom-B" Wilson

These are the files left over from Classic Payne. This mod is now discontinued so i'm throwing the files up here for anyone to use. It contains a data folder that can either be compiled into a .mp2m file, or simply placed inside the Max Payne 2 folder and played by not selecting a mod from the drop down the list, the game will see the data folder and use it as a mod automatically. So feel free to use any of the models, or even attempt to finish the mod. I only ask for credit where it is due. Enjoy.

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