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Author: Froz

First things first:
Thanks for taking your time by downloading my modification. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Installing and Running:
Copy both the Battle_Tactics_2.mp2m and the "Videos" folder to your Max Payne 2 directory. Start Max Payne 2 and select "Battle_Tactics_2" from the modifications list and hit play.

Main Menu
After finished loading, you should see the Battle Tactics 2 main menu. I'm not going to explain everything that's already covered in your Max Payne 2 manual, but only the new features.

- Choose your gamemode. Available modes are 1) Hostage Rescue 2) Elimination and 3) Bonus DMW. Description of each mode is explained in the lower left corner of your screen.

- Apartments
- Downtown
- Harbor
- Train Depot
- Suburbs
- Warehouse
- VR

- Render filter: Choose a filter from various selectables.
Press ESC when ingame, go to Toolbox and render filter and click one on the list and resume battle. Default option resets the filter.

Battle Tactics 2 is a turn-based modification which means that you take turn with the AI. Each turns lasts about 10 seconds and after that is next one's turn. The loop continues as long as you're alive or all the enemies are dead, or you have escorted the hostage in hostage rescue gamemode. In some maps, once in a while, after one whole game turn has passed, there will be crate drops, that contain ammo, health or a shield. In addition to MP2 weapons there are two new weapons, the M249
SAW and Bazooka. See the "Tips" section in the main menu for more information and tips.

Known bugs:
- There's a gamestopper bug when enemy dies on its own turn. Very rare but still happens sometimes, especially with the bazooka troop.

- "Warning beep" when your turn time is running out, isn't always exact, due to time scaling.

Battle Tactics 2 is made by Tommi Saalasti aka Froz. M249 model by Lunarblue and da12thMonkey, basic geometry of the suburbs level by DarkReaper and red+white car prefabs by Gash. Thanks to the
whole Max Payne community including Max Payne HeadQuarters, DeepSix, PayneReactor, 3dRealms's Forums, Max Payne Zone and Max Payne Area. Special thanks to Remedy for developing the most ass kicking action game out there.

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