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Sketchbook Sam - Chapter I v.1.0
(c) 2004 Tommi Saalasti

Hello and thanks for downloading my mod, I hope you will enjoy playing it, it was fun to do!

Installing & Running

Copy both the sketchbook_sam.mp2m and intro folder to your Max Payne 2 folder. Run the game and select sketchbook_sam from the mods list and hit play. Note! If you have a data folder in your MP2 folder, rename it to something else, otherwise the mod won't propably work.


Your goal is to reach the end of the level, the "vortex warper", that warps you to the next level/worldmap. You will encounter numerous villains. Majority of them can be defeated by simply jumping on them (Space bar + W or S). Some cannot be killed and only harm you if you try jumping on em, so be careful.

There are 3 pickups in the mod. First is the syringe that replenishes your health. The second one is the pill that makes you immortal for a short time. Finally the third one is a NES cartridge. Collect them all (total 4) and you unlock a bonus exit vortex in the last level, below the real vortex...

Controls are simple. Use W to go forward, S to go backwards. Use mouse to turn around and space to jump. You can also try pressing the right mouse button while pressing W, to perform a forward dodge...

Known Bugs

Shouldn't be much, but sometimes the death cam goes all nuts zooming the player character's face. Probably caused by the level design in some parts, and the camera gets "jammed".

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