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Story: Fight against corrupt Agents and NYPD Cops.

Features v3.0:
- 6 new Weapons:
- Pump Shotgun
- Jackhammer
- Dual M4A1
- Dual AK47
- Dual MP5
- P99 high-rate Pistole (spec. thx to MasterFusion)
- Laserpointer Upgrade for all Weapons (can be switch on/off)
- new Playermodel (by Slaughter)
- again new Weaponsounds
- Motion Blur in Shootdodge
- Mona changed
- new Desert Eagle Skin (by Slaughter)
- slower Shootdodge
- Beretta Shoot Animation fixed (slit moves at shooting)
- BT Reload Camera is now abortable
- Sniper Weapons can shoot through characters
- Bullet Time Music
- slower Bulletspeed
- BlackOps Enemys are back
- BlackOps wear Helmets, Headsets and Laserpointers
- Kaufman has more healthpoints (to make the fight against him realy hard)
- Improved realistic Blood Physic
- higher max Decals nombre
- Jackhammer Sounds added- improved Weapon abilitys
- a younger Mona Skin on another Character
- NPC Bystander bug in the police station fixed (the witness had the same skin like the player)
- original Kaufman back

Features v2.0:
- new bigger Weaponmuzzles (from Ken_Y)
- better Weaponsounds
- realistic blood physic
- more realistic blood textures
- "Late Goodbye" for Menumusic
- level-adapted Playermodels
- better Playerskin
- nomore Pause-Tip in PauseFeatures

- New Playermodel
- Characters changed (fight vs. NYPD Cops is now possible !)
- Weapons ability changed
- more Blood
- new menupics
- new Bullet Time
- Max Payne 2 start up Movie deleted

Character changes: Max Payne -> Ryan Risk Mona Sax -> Sarah Doe Cleaners -> NYPD Cops Russians -> Agents Vlad Lem -> Jim Bravura Jim Bra. -> other Officeman Mike Cow. -> Bystander Bystander -> Boozehound

Copyright: If you use anything of this MOD in your MOD, put the Author and the MOD in the Credits. :)
Coolman01 - Deep Blue MOD
Slaughter - new Playermodel + Ingame Desert Eagle Skin
Phoenix Connexion - Laserpoiter Particle Effekt
Ken_Y - bigger Weapon muzzles

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