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Kung-Fu modification for Max Payne 2

Installing and running:

Unzip the kungfu10.mp2m file to your Max Payne 2 folder. Start the
game (developer mode recommended, see "Main Menu, Level Selector") and
select kungfu10 from the mods dropdown list and hit play.

Main Menu

Kung-Fu Tutorial - Practice moves and fight enemies in this dojo map.
Time Attack - Punch the bags in time to advance to the next levels...
Level Selector - Play any Max Payne 2 level with Kung-Fu. Developer mode is required
to equip Kung-Fu. Start MaxPayne2.exe with the parameter -developer
"MaxPayne2.exe -developer". Ingame toggle console by pressing the
button left from "1". Type "getkungfu" or "coder".

How to perform the moves?

There are 2 "move sets". First set is executed by being still and tapping a direction
while also pressing the shootdodge button. The other set is executed by being in move,
tapping a direction while pressing shootdodge button. Moves:


up = forward kick combo
upright = roundhouse
upleft = roundhouse2
right = legsweep
down = med. kick + high kick combo
left = cartwheel


up = flykick/jumpkick
upright = butterfly kick
upleft = aerial roundhouse
left = cartwheel
down = backflip
downleft = backflip to left
downright = backflip to right

If you fall a certain height you will pound the ground with a powerfist.


Thanks goes to Kenneth Yeung for inventing the original KungFu system for Max Payne.

Froz - Animations
Froz - Coding
Aztec - Player model
Froz - Mapping
Froz - Menus etc.

Suggestions, comments etc. go to

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