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version 1.0

- changed properties of shotguns(more power)
- new weapon sounds (thanks to payned action mod)
- new guns PUMPSHOTGUN change spas 12 (punisher 1.2); gloc 17 (handguns mod)
- new skins for part weapons
- new Max (blackops from game with new skin)
- thermal vision (thermal mod)
- new menu (thanks to American's army wallpapers)
- now you can shoot thru doors
- more blood
- changed properties of decals
- new menu music
- new muzzle forall weapon(payned action)
- new guns from SDMP5andM4mod
- M4Si changes to Famas (from punisher 1.2)
- sawedshotgun changes to ColT Anaconda (handguns mod)

there are no new hud (for weapons)

if you want to help me ,or you have new ideas -

extract to you game location.start game and choose spec1.0

Thanks to:

zoom for his internet connection (you can find zoom on he plays Warcraft 3)
punisher 1.2 (and to Canada_Dry for great work on his mods)
handguns mod
payned action

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