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------ The Ultimate Realistic Effect MEGAPACK Volume II by Zagash ------

44 KHz Version

Here comes the Volume II of my great effect modification, with above 200 high qualitative refined
sound and texture files!! In Volume II resampled every sound files to 44 KHz to avoid any compatible
problem. The Volume II delivers a lot of footsteps, new fire sounds, foleys, door sounds, items, impacts,
zings together with great weapon reload sounds. Additionally inserted bulletholes and new exploding textures.
Enjoy :)

Thanx to every modders what I've used to their great effects!

New in Volume II:

-Resampled every sounds to 44 KHz

-adding new fire sounds
-packed in some new foleys
-added remixed reload sounds
-changed some footsteps
-added new explosion textures (thanks to DesertStorm)
-added and replaced many impact sounds

I've enclosed total of 211 files into this mod!

Simply put the .PK3 file to YourMohaaDir\main\ directory, and remove other sound modifications...
Please do not modify the pk3 file or rip any file from the archive, while you dont ask me!!

This mod works with Spearhead expansion too.

-for finest enjoyment,


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