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Author: armdude

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Selected few is a mohaa single player modification designed to retouch on the models, and skins in the campaign. New textures for almost every allied and german soldier and weapons, NOT reskins, entirely new textures. So far there are a few edited tik files which change the appearance of the american soldiers, some are sleeveless. Also Grillo has been given the ranger assault vest model and a uk sas sniper skin. Also for spearhead I've redesigned all of the paratroopers and the c47.
Note: this mod is nowhere near completion as the allied insignias are all the same and not all of the germans are reskinned. If the mod is to have a bit more content, we need a team of sp mappers and perhaps another skinner. Otherwise the final will be just new skins and tiks.

Mail me at armdude101 AT gmail DOT com

Xfire - armdude101
To install, open the zip file using winzip or winrar, and extract the rebuilt.HD stock skins to your mohaa main and mainta folder.
Credit goes to Nugem for the spearhead british airborne skin.
Everything else was done by me.
If there is a team that is appointed then I will create a website for this modification.
Take a look at the screenshots and leave feedback!


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