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Author: Armdude

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DESCRIPTION- The mod is a compiltation of a series of skins, tiks, and scripts designed to resemble common plastic toy soldiers and/or any game of the Army Men Series. Allies are green, Axis are tan and spec-ops and French resistence are blue.
All singleplayer and multiplayer skins are redone to fit the above description, including vehicles and other objects that can be distinguished as German or American. The entire purpose of the mod is to simplify the Medal of Honor gaming experience, make things more bright, colorful and not as serious and realistic as the original Allied Assault, giving you a interesting yet really fun and new experience. The mod is not intended just for children but could and most likely will be appealing to all ages.

INSTALLATION- Extract the GPM aa (V.1).pk3 to your main folder, remove other weapon and additional allies scripts as these will cause either crashes or skins not appearing correctly.

LEGAL- This was completely started on and finished by myself "armdude" Do NOT take any part of the mod and release as your own without the written consent of me.

Army Men Series: 3DO
Medal of Honor Allied Assault: EA and 2015

NOTES- The newer editions of this mod will change, and be compatible with spearhead and breakthrough expansion packs. (British - yellow or other suggested color, Russians - Red, Italians - Perhaps a different variation of Tan or Brown)

If you have any input on v.2 please feel free to comment here or email me at


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