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Greetings Dear Old COOP Fans,

This mod based on the unfinished coop-oriented TEAM-ASSAULT mod. As I remember sadly there wasn't any completed map, because they didn't modify the mapscripts. For example: there was no working levelchange + there are many original mapscript which don't work in coop. Maybe they hadn't enough time to test the maps, but they could make new scripts for the respawns (similar like we did with the Flagzones in the COOP version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein)

Last Christmas I start to modify/fix/overwrite that mod, without the permission of the original authors, because they disappeared. I hope they won't be angry.

So I start to work on the mod and after a few weeks I noticed that with using the Spearhed mission pack the coop mod is working much better. So I continued the work on the coop version of Spearhead and now I have 7 completed maps, with working levelchange...etc.

It needs many-many scripting work, because we haven't any SDK for the game. So this mod based on new an modified scripts. I have to customize all map-scripts for the coop experience.

One last thing: cannot say how I hate this game, because with this game started those very-very mindless games, like CoD and his friends. The only reason of my work is the Challenge.

I finished the works for Spearhead (need testing) and now I work on Breakthrough, because I want to take enough routine to modify Allied Assault.

Release is coming!

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