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Medieval 2: Total War Cheats & Codes

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Family member names, settlement names, and other proper names must be capitalized correctly.

Code: Description:
add_money [number] Get indicated amount of gold
add_population [settlement name] [number] Give city more population
process_cq [settlement name] Anything in city's building queue built automatically
toggle_fow Toggles fog of war
auto_win [attacker|defender] Press Auto Retaliate button to automatically win; enter code at the battle scroll
give_trait [character] [trait] [level number] Give any trait your faction can have to a specific general
move_character z x,y z=name of settlement or unit without title (except Captain). x,y=coords
show_cursorstat Shows coordinates under mousecursor in format x,y
character_reset Allows a character to move again. Does not always work
create_unit "settlement or character" "unit ID" "amount (1-5)" "experience (1-9)" "armor (1-3)" "weapon (1-3)" Creates Unit at any settlement/general you like
george Mercenary Monster Ribault
houston Mercenary Rocket Launcher
istanbul Mercenary Monster Bombard
madras Elephants
rogan Elephant Artillery
vindaloo Elephant Rocketeer

Medieval 2: Total War Hints, Tips

To create units open the console window. Then type create_unit *Settlement Name* "*unit name*" *number of the unit* *experience 1-9* *wepon upgrade 1-3* *armour upgrade 1-3*
Note: where there are * they are not needed wherease the " are needed. Codes are Case Sensitive.

Examples of Units to create;

create_unit London "Crusader Sergeants" 1 9 3 3

create_unit Nottingham "Armored Swordsmen" 3 9 3 3

Note: To create some units you may have to enter "dismounted" instead of the original name, for example;

create_unit Nottingham "Dismounted Longbowmen" 1 9 3 3

*this will create retinue longbowmen*

create_unit Edinburgh "Dismounted Crusader Knights" 1 9 3 3

*creates unhorsed knights*


Medieval 2: Total War Trainers, Cheats Downloads

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+2 Trainer 56 KB Download it!
Unlocker 12 KB Download it!
+2 Trainer by PizzaDOX 12 KB Download it!


By Miguel676 (I just got here) on Jun 11, 2010
How do you give a trait to an Assassin do you need the brackets and do you need "_" for the spaces in there name?
By technojungle (I just got here) on Jun 14, 2010
give_trait "Gaston de_burbon" GoodAssassin 3

For one word names no quotations are needed. For two word names quotes are needed and for three word names you need the quotes and the underscore. Notice capitolization as well. "Martin d_Orleans" is another example. Yes I play a lot of French campaign. I pound you with my calvary! :D

You can also select other faction's generals and give them traits as well. Good for lowing loyalty and bribing.
By jazza1198 (SI Newbie) on Jan 11, 2012
or give_trait this GoodAssassin 5 it works with the spy as well so to a ggeneral it would be give_trait this GoodCommander 5 and NaturalMilitarySkill 4 or 3 for a priest it would be StrongFaith 5 or 4 PublicFaith 5 or 4 for a diplomat GoodDiplomat 5 and NaturalDiplomatSkill just remember no space between the trait name so no Good Commander (thats a no no) this is right GoodCommander
By JesusChrist (I just got here) on Jul 10, 2012
where can i find a list of the unit types...because i can't find it in the medieval 2 files...
By Polaris (SI Veteran Member) on Sep 14, 2012
Where can I find a list of traits?