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1 - Campaign Map

-Milan is now controlled by the Holy Roman Empire at the start of the game.
-The Isle of Crete is now controlled by the Byzantine Empire at the start of the game.
-The "King's Purse" for the HRE has been reduced to 1000.

2 - Diplomacy and Relations

-There are no longer diplomacy penalties at Hard and Very Hard campaign difficulty levels.
-Alliances should generate better relations between you and that faction.
-There is a lesser global penalty for cancelling an alliance.

3 - Agents and Guilds

-Merchants now make more money.

4 - Buildings and Recruitment

-Castles that could previously produce cavalry that could also be produced in a stables have had that capability removed. This makes it so that stables are worth building and the AI does not "cavalry rush" early on.
-Citadels and Huge Cities now have 4 recruitment slots.
-The Holy Roman Empire can now recruit Dismounted Gothic Knights if an armoury is built in a Citadel. This means that Zwei-Handers can be built with a Fortress-level barracks. In addition, the +1 experience bonus for armoured sergeants and sergeant spearmen has been removed
-Venice can recruit Dismounted Broken Lances if they have an armoury. This means that Venetian Heavy Infantry do not get a +1 experience bonus from an armoury.
-Milan (the faction) can now build an Armoury if they have a Citadel. The armoury can recruit Dismounted Broken Lances, which are no longer recruitable in a Huge City.
-Milan (the city) has had a few buildings removed to prevent it being too powerful early on for the HRE.
-To get a Minor City, you now require a population of 7000, 14000 for a Large City and 28000 for a Huge City.
-To get a Fortress, you need a population of 5000 and for a Citadel a population of 10000.

5 - Battles and Soldiers

-A ballista and cannon tower fix has been added to fix a bug where ballista towers sometimes shot arrows.
-The notorious 2-hander bug has been fixed using the "Jannissary_Heavy_Inf" Soldier line. The stats of all units affected by this bug have been decreased because the fix increases their rate of attack.
-The defense skill of peasants has been reduced from 3 to 1.


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