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A list of what this mod does and includes;

Cavalry has been weakened.
Kill ratios have been greatly decreased so battles last longer.
Longbowmen have a greater range and missile damage.
Mongols, Timurids, and a new faction The Teutonic order are fully playable.
All Units are available from the beginning of the campaign.
Militia units such as archers, crossbows, spearmen are not recruitable.
Elephants, trebuchets, catapults, ballistas, feudal knights are no longer recruitable.
No more rebelling characters and captains, they will not rebel.
Happiness and settlement law bonus is very very high!
Teutonic Order includes around 10 new units made by Zephrelial.
Mongols and timurids can recruit imams, and call for jihads.
New starting positions based on a historical renaissance.
All starting armies are now based on the renaissance era.
Most cities are now large cities, and castles are now mostly fortresses.
Rebels have been greatly decreased.
Unit recruit slots build up very quick, and you can recruit 6 per turn.
The only archers and crossbows that can be recruited are elites, such as
longbows, aventuriers, goenese crossbows, etc.
Gunpowder infantry have been improved by removing fire_by_rank and increasing their range slightly.
Mongols renamed to "The Golden_Horde"
Timurids renamed to "The Empire of Tamerlane"
Milan is now "The Republic of Genoa"
Egypt is now "The Kingdom of the Mamelukes"
Turks are now "The Ottoman Empire"
Renamed many units to fit more with the Renaissance.
Fixed a somewhat passive ai bug, by lowering all missile units to have about 3
volleys worth of ammo. Idea came from Zephrelial.
Edited the Historical Events to match with the Renaissance.
Starting year is 1493, and the Americas are enabled to be discovered after the first turn.
Byzantium is no longer in the campaign as the turks(Ottomans) have taken their land.
This mod includes the ultimate campaign ai, made by Grandviz.
This mod includes Darth Vader's Formations, and battle ai mod.
Re-edited all the starting armies, so no more peasants, and crossbow miltia type units to start with... only elites.
Raised all cities population DRASTICALLY.

Changes from beta 2;

Teutonic Order is now included, with about 10 new units made by Zephrelial.
Rebalanced Economy, by lowering starting denari and kings purse.
Lowered Gunpowder infantry ammunition.
Raised cost of Reiters by ALOT, as the Germans became obsessed with them.
Made most cities large cities, and castles fortresses to match with a later timeline.
Re-edited all the starting armies, so no more peasants, and crossbow miltia type units to start with... only elites.
Raised all cities poulation DRASTICALLY.

To install just extract the files into your medieval 2 total war folder... therefore it will overwrite your data folder. When asked to overwrite select yes.

Since you are overwriting, make sure you have backup copies of the files moded.

Thanks goes to;
Darth Vader for his battle formations and battle ai mod.
Grandviz for his Ultimate Campaign Ai Mod.
And a very special thanks to Zephrelial for his badass teutonic order faction.
And also for his passive ai bug fix (lowered ammunition for missiles).

Any problems or questions private message me.


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