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Play as Vlad III Dracula, as you struggle to defend your homeland against the Ottoman Empire.

Author: jadecrusader

There is a READ ME file for installation instructions. This MOD will install a new folder called "dracula" and will not overwrite your game files.

* Begins in 1456, with appropriate technology
* Historically updated territories
* Byzantines do not exist
* New Load Screens
* Turns advance in 6 month periods
* The character names and traits have been tweaked
* Vlad is a general positioned in Wallachia
* Stephen III is poised to attack Moldavia
* The Turks begin at war with Hungary
* Turkish Armies are positioned around Hungary
* Constantinople and most of Greece is in the control of the Ottomans
* New win conditions to hold out against the Turks
* Historic Event Text for various turns (through the 1461 invasion)
* New Invasion AI
* New Campaign Maps
* New faction leaders and armies
* Financial tweaks made to bankrupt England and France after the Hundred Years War
* Mongols control Mongolia
* Russians control Muscovy
* Rebels in Burgundy and Teutonic areas are stronger
* Africa is rebelling in Benin areas

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