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-My new Darth Diplomacy/Campaign War AI pack version 2.1

Updated: (23/1/2007)
-Included better income general campaign parameters


Darth Vader

What it contains in short is:
1)Much better diplomacy negotiations (Able to form quick alliances, military passages, trade agreements, vassals etc. with those who logic says they should accept in their current war state.
2)The pope will no longer accuse you when you are obviously defending your lands from catholic intruders (extra mini script)
3)All pope interactions enormously improved.(The AI factions which attack you will be immediatelly be excommunicated if you have good piety and they do not, You can wage wars against catholics if you have proven the god's will by building temples and following crusades which will boost your pope's acknowledgement more realistically etc.)
4)Alliance packs will be formed and last realistically and you should not betray them but rather provoke them to attack you so to gain general favour (Like in real war you can press them with your armies in their borders or leave smthg undefended but never attack unprovoked or the whole world will know and destroy you)
5)You should be careful when you sack or exterminate population or generaly your dread factors because you will cause hate among the world (Maybe you like this)
6)If a nation grows too strong all other mini-nations will form alliances against it to cut it down
7)Difficulty levels now not so aggressive in H or VH. In fact it is balanced a lot out.
8)Crusades are seriously more easy to reach their target and if attacked by another catholic, the Pope and all other catholics will curse him with endless hate.
9)All campaign rates (Taxes, income, siege attrition etc.) have been realistically balanced.A
10)Transgression penalties will affect AI and now will not enter your lands without reason. If it does, will have hostile reasons which you can counter immediatelly and surely will not be penaltised as before but will be granted defensive reasoning.
11)Countless of micro-adjustments to only realise their effectiveness by playing.


-Since modding is much easier now than before I provide the files in their text free form for you to manually copy/move them to each respective “data” folder using the “mod switch”.

I wish you enjoy them and give to me your valuable feedback to help me evolute them.

-I inserted all the files that can work with any mod and affect the campaign gameplay as much as possible. DarthMod series contains a lot of other parameters that affect indirecty the gameplay which optimise my gameplay ideas.


Darth Vader

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