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This mod is dedicated to the Draconists who held on to their vow...
The mod adds the Guild "Order of the Dragon" and the unit "Dragon Knights" to the HRE faction...


Actually this mod is based on a "what if?" question as some of us know and some of us don't,In the history there is an order
called "the order of the Dragon "Societas Draconistrarum" in Latin...
The order was founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund and it's sole purpose was to form a strong alliance against the advancement
of Turks in Europe,by inviting the powerful Kings and Rulers of Europe into the Order.
Unfortunately,only some of them held on to their pledge of loyalty and duty,and most rulers only pretended to do so and ignored their duties
to the Order and Christianity as well..Eventually the order lost all its influence after the death of its founder Sigismund..

I wanted to see badly that its members took place in MTW 2,as a unit of course so I could play them..Unfortunately such a distinctive Order was ignored.
So I tried to implement the Order into the game as best as I could.
The question of the mod is this "What if in history all of the members of the Dragon Knights took the field?"
We will see that with that mod,I suppose...

Ladies and Gents,From the ashes of History,I give to you .. The Dragon Knights...


-Adds the Guild "Order of the Dragon" to the HRE faction.
-Unique Guild Description.
-Features the unit "Dragon Knights".
-Unique Textures,description,unit card,unit info pic.
-Unit available in custom battle mod.


Just extract the Zeph's Order of The Dragon to your original medieval2 folder..
Run the game from a usual batch file you use for your mods...


-Sigismund (The Holy Roman Emperor)
-Laszlo Postumus V (King of Hungary)
-Alfonso V (King of Aragon and Naples)
-Wladyslaus Jagello (King of Poland)
-Christopher III (King of Denmark)
-Vystautas (Grandduke of Lithuania)
-Claus von Redwitz (Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order)
-Stefan Lazarevic ( Despot of Serbia )
-Vlad II "Dracul" (Prince of Wallachia)
-Vlad III "Dracula" (Prince of Wallachia)
-Milos Obilic (the first Serbian,Dragon Knight)

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