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Mod Overview

Lands to Conquer is a mod aimed at improving the gameplay and balance of Medieval II Total War. It does this through extensively rebalanced unit stats; changed unit costs; longer, slower paced campaign; more difficult to maintain larger empires; improved campaign ai thanks to the Ultimate AI mod; and various other things. It also features an easy to use installer that does everything for you.

Installation Instructions

This is a standalone version of the mod, you do not need any previous versions to play it.

Lands to Conquer v2.0 save games are compatible with 2.1.

It installs to its own folder so it does not affect the default game. Just use the Lands to Conquer icon on the desktop to launch this mod, or the M2TW icon to launch M2TW.

To install the mod simply point the installed to your Medieval II Total War installation, which by default is installed to:

C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War

It is recommended you install Medieval II Total War Update 1 Patch before instaling LTC 2.1. This will make your gaming experience much better.

Once installed you should use the new Lands to Conquer desktop shortcut to run the game.

The changes Lands to Conquer 2.1 makes to Medieval II Total War are listed below:

-Shield bug workaround courtesy of the_foz_4.
-Improved balance of units.
-Latest version of Darths formations mod and config_ai_battle.xml, battle_config.xml and descr_pathfinding.txt included.
-Fixed bug with Gallogiach and custom battles.
-Reduced wall and gate strengths from 2.0 as they were far too high.

Campaign map
-Reduced money boost given by money script
-Reduced distance to capital and religious unrest effects.
-Ultimate AI mod v1.1 included.

-General all round better balance of units.
-13 new custom battle maps.
-Longer lasting, slower battles.
-Spearmen rebalanced so they are now more effective against cavalry
-Cavalry charge is less devestating than in normal M2TW, but has more impact and heavy cavalry can still wipe out sword infantry pretty easily.
-Longbowmen given longer range, slightly better attack and faster rate of fire
-2 handed axe unit bug workaround. They now use a different animation and rebalanced attack stats as a result.
-HorseArchers charge fix. Now all units will charge properly, and light cav is the best against routers. Also all round better charging as a result.
-Slowed movement speed on the battlemap
-Incorporated Darths Formations v1.0 for M2TW
-Musketeer/Hand Gunner units attack reduced
-Byzantine Infantry, Varangian Guard and Kataphraktoi made more powerful
-Range of low level artiller increased
-More variation in stats between units that previously had the same stats(Order Knights, Dismounted Druzhina and Dismounted Boyars Sons)
-Venetian Heavy Infantry and Archer armour upgrade bug fixed.
-More difference between arrow and crossbow projectiles.

Campaign map
-1 Year per turn, and dates shown on campaign map again
-Building construction times and cost increased so as to fit in best with 1 year per turn campaign.
-Ultimate AI Mod 0.9 by GrandViz incorporated, makes camapign ai better, diplomacy is more logical and alliances are much better. But still a nice element of backstabbing in the game.
-Traits and Ancilliaries mod v1.1a by Orientis which fixes all the bugs related to traits.
-Unit recruitment changed. Units now replenish slower and elite units have smaller recruitment pools. Also units no longer recruited from walls or from castle upgrade buildings.
-English Armoured Sergeants, Dismounted Broken Lances, Dismounted Gothic Knights and Dismounted Mongol cavalry units added into the campaign
-Ai recruits better armies. They are more balanced and have more higher tier units in them.
-Receruitable Generals.
-More variance in the date at which the Mongols and Timurids appear
-Merchants make more money.
-Inquisitors made less powerful.
-Unit costs tweaked so ai builds more balanced armies.
-Money script for ai factions so it gets a cash boost when it gets low on cash so the campaign is tougher.
-Increased movement distance for armies and agents.
-More recruitment slots in castles.
-More free upkeep slots in cities.
-Recruitable generals.
-Assassins made more powerful.
-Pirate and Rebel spawn rates reduced.
-New population levels required for each level of settlement, but lowered slightly from 1.21.
-Distance to captial penalty increased, but not as severe as in 1.21.
-Religious Unrest increased.
-Corruption increased.
-Income from trade increased, and population growth from trade decreased.
-Population growth from farms increased.
-Cannon/Ballista tower bug fix included.
-Assassin and spy movies back in the game, thanks to a .bat file i've made that copies them over during the install.

-New loading screens and splash screens.


A big thanks to the following modders who's work i have used in this mod with their permission.

DARTH VADER - for his formations mod and battle ai imporvements
GrandViz - for use of his UltimateAi mod that really imporves the campaign ai, diplomacy and alliances.
Orientis - for the use of his Traits and Ancilliaries fixes
lawngnome - for helping with the edits to unit recruitmnt and settlement mechanics.
zxiang1983 - for the use of his ballista/cannon tower bug fix
the_foz_4 - for his shield bug workaround

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