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burrek's Unique Early Europeans v0.91 Readme + a lot of grammar and spelling msitakes

I. Description
II. Changelog
III. Limitations
IV. Installation
V. Deinstallation
VI. Future Work
VII. Credits


In the vanilla game the only difference between factions is the color scheme while the patterns are the same. The aim of this mod is to diversify the patterns found on the various "uniforms" (if you can call them that) of the many European factions in a historically accurate and visually appealing manner.

In the current version the mod replaces all early European armors with new textures. That includes leather, padded, light mail, and heavy mail armor. All the colors ware kept in line (or slightly off) from the originals and so the new textures fit in with the sprites and the un-textured units in their respective factions. All the patterns ware carefully chosen and based on historical images as often as possible, yet some historical accuracy had to be sacrificed due to engine limitations.

Complete list of changes:

- All the replaced textures have been given new color patterns unique to each nation.

- All heavy mail tabards had the lacing removed giving them a cleaner look.

- The Scot early period units ware no trousers and have plaid kilts (it is true that many lowland Scotsmen did not ware kilts [and the militias do represent the lowlanders] I thought it would be a nice addition to make the Scots even more unique).

- Italians, Iberians and Hungarians were given darker skin colors and hair color.

- Danes and Scots were given lighter hair color and beards.

- THe heavy-mail helmet with the folded flap in front has been replaced with a cleaner looking one.

II. Changelog

v0.9 (1/9/07)
- changed the Hungarian heavy/light mail to a more historical version
- changed the Danish heavy/light mail to a more historical version
- changed the Portuguese heavy/light mail to a slightly more historical version
- changed the Sicilian heavy/light mail to a better looking version
- changed the Spanish heavy mail to a slightly more accurate version
- added real Scot clan tartans for the Scottish highlander units
- half the early padded armors ware made more colorful since they ware specifically designed as battle armor and so would likely have more elaborate designs
- added some painted helmets to factions with Norman roots

III. Limitations

The Slavic factions only have about 50% of their textures replaced. The Italian and Iberian factions about 90%. The partial plate is still vanilla. None of the shield or horse textures ware replaced.. yet. !WARNING! The heavy-mail/light-mail normal map has been modified making this mod incompatible with vanilla heavy-mail/light-mail textures or any mods dealing with those textures (unless you do not care for slight mismatches of the normal and gloss maps and the introduced texture [which are almost imperceptible, really]). Otherwise this mod does not change ANY text files and will be compatible with all the mods released as of right now (1/1/2007)

IV. Installation

Note: texture mods won't work in any other directory than the vanilla /data/ directory.


- Medieval 2 : Total War (and possibly patched to version 1.1)


- (Optional, recommended if you plan to deinstall) Backup the following directories and their contents in your vanilla MTW2 installation folder:
+ *dataunit_models_unitsen_lmail_hmailtextures
+ *dataunit_models_unitsen_peasant_paddedtextures
+ *dataunit_models_unitsee_peasant_paddedtextures

- Paste the /data/ folder, and its contents, found with this readme in you MTW2 root directory and click "yes" when prompted to overwrite.

- enable file reading by adding these lines:

file_first = true

to the "medieval2.preference.CFG" file. Note that you will also need to add this line to any mod specific .CFG files if you use a mod-switches.


IV. Deinstallation

If you have backed-up your files simply restore them, else re-unpack the the data packs of the original game or remove the "[io] file_first = true" from your .CFG files.

V. Future Work

I'm going to start work on the High period textures and release those as a separate texture pack. I may not do a Late period release as during that time the clothing and patterns were much more homogeneous.

Once done with the High period it is possible that I will work on retexturing the shields for the two periods.

I'm also considering adding separate textures for commoners and noblemen as currently they use the same base textures.

VI. Credits

burrek (

Thanks to alpaca for making the dds-texture converter

Anyone is welcome to use these textures as they please and consider them public domain although it would be nice if the burrek was mentioned.

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