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This is the second patch for Renaissance 2.0, making this Renaissance 2.2

This patch contains what the old patch had, which was the fixed starting postions/armies. And larger and stronger rebel spawn armies.

What is new in this patch, is it contains The updated Darth Vader campaign ai, diplomacy, and faction standings. (Much better than the last)

Also fixes timurids/mongols unit upkeep. Mongol and timurid units no longer have free upkeep, which was making it too easy for them to buy units.

Renames many factions, to make them PERFECTLY ACCURATE relating to the year 1500, which is the year the campaign starts.

Renames several units.

And contains brand new music, the battle music is all replaced with epic, dramatic music from...

1) gettysburg movie
2) Gods and Generals movie
3) Revenge of the Sith (dramatic music)
4) medieval 1 total war
5) scottish bagpipes for deployment phase.
6) and a few other dramatic movies

NOTE: For each category there's multiple songs.
This music makes the battles way more epic.

INSTALLATION: Download the rar file, then extract the files to your medieval 2 total war folder, and NOT THE DATA, thus it will overwrite your renaissance files.

Also make sure you have renaissance 2.0 installed before installing this patch. That is the only requirement.

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