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Following changes have been made by DrIstvaan...

-Balanced income more in favor of trade against taxes. Also increased upkeep cost (to avoid having so much money that we can't do anything with it).
-Increased unrest from No Governance, Turmoil and Religious Unrest, but also the law bonus from garrison and law buildings.
-Increased poopulation growth penalty from squalor and plague, but also increased bonus from health.
-Toned WAY down happiness/law bonus from buildings. Now every level of a building gives an additional +2 bonus, reaching the original +10 at level 5. (I was somewhat shocked to see a happiness of +320% in Milan at the start of the game, with only some basic buildings.)
-Added limit for spies and assassins (in order of building level): 2S/0A, 2S/2A, 3S/3A, infinite S/4A, inf.S/inf.A.
-New limits for priests and merchants (in order of building level): 1, 2, 2, 3, 4

And I have changed the following...

1) Fixed starting positions for more historic accuracy.
2) Made all generals late era generals and not early era generals.
3) Generals are now recruitable, but build up very slowly.
4) Sicily now belongs to Spain, and they are known as the catholic monarchy.
5) Timurid bug is fixed! They no longer get stuck on their own settlements.
6) Mercenaries fixed!!! All late era mercenaries recruitable from the beginning, and early era mercenaries are no longer recruitable.
7) Increased amount of regions to conquer for victory for each nation.
8) Timurids and mongols now have victory conditions!

To install download the rar, then extract the files to your mtw2 folder and NOT the data folder, thus it will overwrite your renaissance data folder.

You should make sure you have both renaissance 2.0, and 2.2 installed before downloading this patch.

The patch should be bug free!

Thanks goes to DrIstvaan for the great changes he made.

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