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DLV 1.9 adds a Heraldic Rank system, age mod, heraldic ancillaries and more role playing elements to Medieval II Total War.
More DLV 1.9 features:

1. Two turns per year (winter and summer)
2. All factions playable except the slaves and Aztecs
3. More effective and active rebels
4. Tech tree: doubled building times (for 2 turns per year), higher level markets need paved roads, higher level smiths need resource iron, higher level siege/cannon need higher level smith
5. Historical faction names
6. Special win conditions; factions have specific goals
7. Survival money infusion for small factions
8. Shield Wall special ability for many infantry units (thanks to YogiBear)
9. Additional units (dismounted units, crusaders, etc.) and unit balancing thanks to Darth Vader

Plus...Best-in-class mod components from some of the community's top modders:

1. Traits and Ancillaries (Titles, Princesses, Archbishops, Simulated REBELLION, Councilors mod) by Dearmad (v1.7b)
2. Campaign AI by GrandViz (v1.1)
3. Battle AI and Units by Darth Vader (Opensource 9)
4. Big Map by Spurius (Big Map ext v1.06)

Installation: using Mod Switcher

-Not save compatible with DLV1.8 with/or without Tweaks
-Your original M2TW files will not be changed, DLV1.9 creates a separate installation path
- Uninstall DLV 1.8_ext and/or delete old DLV folders
- Unzip and execute the file Deus_lo_Vult_1_9_Install.exe and enter the correct path for the installation
Example: C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War (default path)
-The automatic setup creates a desktop icon, a program icon and an uninstall option
- To start the game doubleclick
on the Deus lo Vult 1.9 desktop icon
or on the program icon
or the Launch_DLV_ext.bat in the path C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War (default may have changed this to your custom path during installation)


If the first time you start a campaign you fall back to the menu -> exit the game, delete the file map.rwm in the path DLV_ext\data\world\base
and restart the game

Game play hints:

1. Warning -- this mod is only for experienced players...Field Army Script makes it very challenging for the player
2. Developing your economy is critical...running a budget deficit can cause your nobles to rebel
3. Avoid multi-front wars, use diplomacy more than war or you will quickly go bankrupt
4. Young characters have higher movement points, but older ones have more influence or similar positive qualities
5. You can cross the ocean at any time with normal boats
6. Playing timurids or mongols you have only a small expeditionary force and must survive until the main invasion force arrives
7. If you are not playing the timurids or mongols, these factions plus Aztecs have an AI/movement freeze until the normal invasion time or discovery
8. Try to have fun out's a game after all

Sincerest thanks to all the folks who have contributed to Deus lo Vult:
Repman (naturally, as its creator)
Darth Vader
GAFH Modder
Oda Nobunaga
Epistolary Richard
Marcus Camillus
Shaba Wangy
Lt 1956

And a big thanks to the folks at Total War Center for hosting Deus lo Vult!


Der Drakken

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