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This mod adds 50 new diverse loading screens featuring new locations, new themes, and the inevitable outcome of battlefield.

-Loading screen is best viewed in 1028x768 campaign resolution.
( all the loading screens were originally made from the game of 1280x960
resolution so you will still see the detail and the depth of 1280x960 resolution
in 1028x768.)

*If your campaign map resolution is higher than 1028x768, image might get stretched out to fit to your resolution. ( it will then look somewhat blurrier
than usual )
( im planning to release 1280x960 verion if possible )

Installation /

you need 7-zip to unzip the file
EDIT - file is now in rar format

1. if you are not using a mod,
simply extract all files into the following folder

Medieval II Total War\data\loading_screen

*You might want to back up your original loading screen files.
*To use with original LS, just rename your original LS to 'Loading_screen_51'
and so on.

2 if you are using a mod, extract all files into

ex. Medieval II total war\mymod\data\loading_screen

*IF you want to keep the original mod's loading screen,simply change the number of it.

Note /

-Each loading screen is given a number ( 1 to 50 ).If you happen to delete
or change the loading screen file, make sure something makes up the deleted
file's number.

Otherwise the MTW will stop searching for the next loading
screens and you will be stuck with the limitedloading screens that comes
before the deleted file.

For Ex. if you delete loading_screen_40 game will recognize 39 loading files
that comes before loading_screen_40, this case you will end up missing 10
other loading screens.

Beside that , there won't be any other problem. hope you guys enjoy this.

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