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Faction Wales mod.

Author: PXZyan

Hey guys, this little mod allows the user to take command of Wales, you can recruit Welsh Spearmen and Welsh Longbowmen and other units.

There are 2 new regions in Wales " Powys - Dehuebarth "

So far there are Welshishy icons but they are not perfect, Most units use English textures and I will like to add proper textures soon in a later patch.

Firstly I would recommened downloading Faction Ireland mod as some of these files contains irish units and Irish regions. I am not sure what might or could happen if you dont download it as it may cause problems.
So I WARM YOU, DOWNLOAD FACTION IRELAND MOD before downloading this mod.

Any question? email me:

or add me to MSN and we shall talk.

I hope you enjoy this mod, have fun.

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